What exactly is T.O?

SYC - Events
Mission Statement
Our specialty is in bringing together Sephardim through sophisticated social events where mingling and networking is an unforgettable experience. Our guests can chose from an array of activities which include;
•Intimate Shabbat dinner parties,
•Culinary Themed Battle
of the Sexes Cooking Classes
•Exciting Casino Nites
•Wine & Cheese Parties.
•Comedy Nites
•Rabbinical Interactive Classes
•Acoustic Round-Up & Chill Gatherings
•Group Ballroom Dance Lessons
•Dance the floor Line Dance Groups
•The Dating Game
•Charades at it’s Best
•Board Game Groupies•Summer Pool Parties•Beach Game Challenge•
Grill-n-Chill Barbecue-Fest•

Our latest adventures produced to the specificities of your group and age range :
City Scape Events Include
•Interactive Plays•Golf Range•Scavenger Hunts•Basketball-Baseball-Football-Ice Hockey Tailgate & Game Outings Escape the Room•Knife Throwing•Painting Parties•Ceramic Parties•Pop Up Roof Top Parties•
In collaboration with Four Corners 360 we present dynamic trips to exotic destinations around the globe. Our goal is to bring together those in Sephardic Communities from around the globe to enjoy vacation time.
We truly love each one of our participants and the relationships created amongst each other and ourselves. Group Chats are created to enhance relationships, to provide feedback, and to grant further requested events.

We welcome creating an event based off of your vision because we are here to make it all happen.
At any event you choose we assure you an eclectic mixed crowd of Sephardic communities from our neighboring countries.